Moving through Conversations

Why We Are Here:

We are here to stimulate creative and meaningful conversations through social media and other platforms on issues that are least discussed in our community and are sometimes considered taboo. Our focus areas are Gender Based Violence against women and girls, violence against children, Sexual and Reproductive Health of women, girls, and boys, and Mental Health awareness particularly in relation to our core topics.

We aspire:

  • To open spaces for though conversations

Our goals include:

  • Create spaces to facilitate broader conversations for sustainable change encompassing the focus areas
  • Produce accessible and compelling resources to create awareness about the Kelela focus areas
  • To provide our target audience with user-oriented resources to make informed decisions on Kelela focus areas
  • Providing possible interventions through multi-disciplinary approaches and community engagement

Target groups:

  • Target groups are divided with age groups and gender as their challenges are unique to each group in addition to other factors such as disability, literacy, class, and culture. Accordingly, the target groups are:
    • Children – all genders
    • Teenagers – mostly girls, but some contents may also include boys
    • Adult women

We primarily speak:

  • Amharic and English for communication but depending on our contents and our audience, we will learn more languages soon!

Where to find us and access our contents:

  • So, there are two ways around that… Our primary mediums of communication are digital platforms and convenient social media sites and apps. These include the Kelela website, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Clubhouse, and YouTube.
  • Our secondary mediums include printed Kelela materials and soon we will start partnerships with community radios and other mainstream media

How do we do this?

  • We create regular social media content on various topics encompassing our core focus areas
  • We develop campaigns with specific goals and targets
  • We hold regular live discussions through Clubhouse, YouTube, and Telegram
  • We create resources such as guidebooks and handbooks
  • We run workshops with our target groups on selected topics
  • We build virtual and physical community spaces using existing social and cultural platforms to facilitate Kelela discussions